Product Development

Heka Hoods are an Australian Innovation.

For some time now building professionals have been in need of a slimline, aluminium awning system that doesn’t require bulky brackets or another type of assembled supporting structure. Heka Hoods set out to solve this problem. 

After building numerous prototypes, and testing their engineering for strength and deflection, we developed the final version of Heka Hoods. The process of developing Heka Hoods led to the invention of a novel strengthening hood detail and a unique connecting system, both of which are now patented.

The innovative strengthening detail allows the Heka Hoods awning system to extend over 900mm without using any supporting structure. The unique connecting system provides Heka Hoods with flexibility, and allows the awning to extend continuously along a building’s facade, wrap around corners, and step up and down for varying heights.